Think Telecom was formed by like-minded individuals who want to deliver telecommunication services differently.

In its essence, Think has established itself as a leading technology company focused on providing small businesses with great value products and services. Having spent 20 years working in the telecoms industry, the management team at Think have seen the good, bad and ugly and decided to make things simple. We learnt how to apply best practice by learning from mistakes major providers make and how they deal with complaints from their customers. It’s not possible to be right 100% of the time, however it is important that we continue to develop our processes.

We work in an environment which is dynamic, with ever challenging new products connecting to our communications services. We are good at learning technology challenges to deliver better solutions for our customers. We made a conscious effort to not only keep up to date with technology changes, but to continue to provide better value to customers.

We understand that business owners may not be technology experts but rely on the technology to run their business. This is why we clearly communicate the change and create an environment where SMEs thrive.

There is an abundance of choice in the market, but our ability to perceive the real world is what set us apart. Our aim is that if we do our job correctly then your business will flourish.

Our Values


Focus has been shifted onto what a solution does and how much it costs, rather than what sort of experience it creates for the user, and that’s where we are different.  In a marketplace that has become increasingly commodity based, service has become an afterthought. Communication companies market themselves with cost as the key differentiator rather than what they can do differently.

At Think Telecom we understand that price is important, which is why our rates are some of the lowest in the marketplace, but we haven’t forgotten about the support you need.

We have made a commitment to ensure that every aspect of our customers journey is handled by staff employed in the UK, and that any enquiries or assistance that is requested is treated with the professionalism that we would expect to receive.


Perceptive – Because we are an SME we understand our clients.

Learning –We know new technology is confusing – we translate into clear practical advice.

Problem Solving – Passionate about providing a constructive positive solution. Backed by a flexible product set and commercial terms.

Attention to Detail – You may have a frustration or not know where the problem lies.

Language – Clear communication. A no-nonsense approach.

Emotion – Understanding what was right then may not be right now.