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Think can now save you money on your business energy costs lowering your gas and electricity bills.

Businesses that stay loyal to energy suppliers might be giving themselves a hefty price hike.

The recent Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation* into the energy market concluded that half of the SME customers of the Big 6 energy companies haven’t switched supplier in the past 5 years, while some have not done so since privatisation. Recent research shows that the bill for businesses which doesn’t shop around could be overpaying by £532 a year. So, across the 5.2 million small and medium sized businesses in the UK the bill could be reaching an extortionate £7 billion every year.

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We compare the whole energy market to ensure you aren’t overpaying for your energy. Please call us on 03300 240 180 For a free quote to see just how much you can save or click the link below.

Switching energy suppliers with Think IT Simple is so easy and can save your business money.

Many businesses who have never switched before could save ££££ a year. With so many ways to save money, we'll show you all the tariffs currently available and advice you on how much you could save by switching. Getting a quote form Think IT Simple is quick, easy and did we mention that it will save your business money?

We saved a Marketing Company £450 a year

“I’d never considered switching my energy supplier for our electric in our office. It seemed like the kind of task that stays on the ‘to-do list but you never get around t it. Chris at Think ran a quote for me and we were able to make some easy savings. The savings we are making are being re-invested back into the business. If you think that getting a quote and switching is too much hassle, I can say that my experience was the opposite. Chris and the team made it easy for us to switch.”

– Managing Director, Tricca Consulting


Below we’ve gathered some business energy saving tips for your workplace. These include ways to reduce energy consumption and how you can change your energy supply to make it cheaper. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save!


Turn down your thermostat to 18 degrees. The optimum temperature for a workplace is between 18-21 degrees. For every degree you save around 10% on the heating bill. That could be thousands of pounds difference between 21C and 18C. If lots of physical work is being done, then it’s likely that lower is much more efficient.

Switch Off

Remind staff to switch off all non-essential equipment at night monitors, mobile phone chargers, computers, lighting all can be switched off at night. Lighting left on unnecessarily at night or in rooms not in use tends to be a big area of waste. Don't forget weekends, air conditioning is usually on a timer so check the settings and save yourself cooling an empty office.


Check your insulation make sure that the walls and roof are fully insulated and that you have checked for gaps in the window and door fittings. Keep the door closed as part of this too. Poor insulation is the same as having the front door open adding 30% extra on heating bills and sometimes more. Again, air conditioning wont be optimal if you have window and doors open.


Install energy saving light bulbs. They save 80-90% on cost and last much longer than standard bulbs. Motion sensitive lighting can also deliver big savings particularly if some areas are not used often. LED lighting is also a key consideration and remember to check how long it will take to pay back to get maximum value.


You can also switch your business energy. You can save up to 70% by switching to a better deal. Do it fast though, as if you are left on an out of contract rate you will be paying typically 50-100% more than a rival or neighboring company. With so much choice available its a really easy way to save money and add cash back to your balance sheet.

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Adrian Parker, January 2018

"Couldn’t of asked for a better promise than what these guys delivered on. Josh Promised my Business would have a seamless transfer, my bills would be halved and nothing would change. Thumbs up to these guys!!"

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"Achieved what was wanted. BT kept sending letters and calling but was finally sorted out by the legal team."

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"I have had problems with changing from BT to Think communications and I only can say that every employee was very helpful, friendly and what ever the said was done within a couple of days! Thank you very much for the great service given to me!"

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Julia Harwardt, February 2018

"Did a great job for me and my business despite being in rural Norfolk!! Great service on the technical side, and great service on the legal side as well!! Reduced my final bill from my previous supplier from £200+ to almost nothing!! Great job guys well done!!!"

Saved over £200!

John Wooddissee, December 2017