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Think want to keep you informed about our plans and response to the evolving Corona Virus / Covid-19 situation. We already have in place a robust plan to support our customers retaining the highest level of uptime, resiliency, and availability.

We are, naturally, already set up to be able to respond quickly in maintaining and uninterrupted service to our customers. Business Continuity means exactly that and no matter what the next few weeks bring we’ll be here committed to supporting our customers.

We regularly review all business operations from supply chain, IT to personnel and ensure robust contingency measures are in place to avoid any interruption to service. This has included testing our systems to evaluate potential risk and impact to our people.

Workforce & Business As Usual

Keeping our operations running is critical. Operating in a digital world means that we already have the ability to work from home as part of normal business operations. We have internal IT infrastructure that allows our team to be connected to each other and to our clients no matter where they happen to be working from.

Resilient Service Delivery

Think manage thousands of connectivity services which are in use on behalf of our customers. To deliver 99.9%+ uptime, with backup infrastructure, and high availability architecture to deliver our essential business services which gives us flexibility and maintains a reliable uptime capability.

Health & Safety For Our Employees and visitors

We have implemented several measures to ensure the health and safety of our team, including supporting remote work for employees, limiting non-essential travel, reducing customer events and gatherings, and improving health and hygiene across our office locations by maintaining sanitation supplies, regular deep cleaning and encouraging an “if in doubt, stay home” mindset.

We are also constantly monitoring advice from Public Health England, the NHS and the UK government and will act accordingly.

Current status

As the situation evolves we are keeping updated and reviewing our working practices daily and will provide a further update should there be any significant change to our operations. However we do not expect any risk of service interruption at this stage. We are confident that we will be able to deliver our services without disruption or reduced support capability.

If you have any questions or concerns then please do call us on 03300 240 180

where one of the team will be able to help with your enquiry.

Joe Hitchings

Managing Director


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