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Stop over paying and reduce your business energy solution costs with a quick quote from Think for Gas & Electric. Reduce your bills and get a better deal.

Save Money On Your Business Energy Solutions Costs

Businesses that stay loyal to energy suppliers might be giving themselves a hefty price hike.

The recent Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) investigation* into the energy market concluded that half of the SME customers of the Big 6 energy companies haven’t switched supplier in the past 5 years, while some have not done so since privatisation.
Recent research shows that the bill for businesses who don’t shop around for their business energy solutions could be overpaying by £532 a year. So, across the 5.2 million small and medium sized businesses in the UK the bill could be reaching an extortionate £7 billion every year.

How Much Can I Save?

We supply British businesses with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity, using only Wind, Hydro and Solar power. Whether it be on-site generation, battery storage or optimisation controls, we are at the forefront of the clean business energy solutions technology revolution.

We like to make it simple. Our friendly team deliver the basics brilliantly and our bespoke services give our customers control, security and peace of mind.

Business Energy Saving Tips


Turn down your thermostat to 18 degrees. The optimum temperature for a workplace is between 18-21 degrees. For every degree you save around 10% on the heating bill. That could be thousands of pounds difference between 21C and 18C. If lots of physical work is being done, then it’s likely that lower is much more efficient.


Check your insulation make sure that the walls and roof are fully insulated and that you have checked for gaps in the window and door fittings. Keep the door closed as part of this too. Poor insulation is the same as having the front door open adding 30% extra on heating bills and sometimes more. Again, air conditioning wont be optimal if you have window and doors open.

Switch Off

Remind staff to switch off all non-essential equipment at night monitors, mobile phone chargers, computers, lighting all can be switched off at night. Lighting left on unnecessarily at night or in rooms not in use tends to be a big area of waste. Don’t forget weekends, air conditioning is usually on a timer so check the settings and save yourself cooling an empty office.

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