Think: Our Vision

Our mission is to provide a full range professional-grade business services to help local business owners and managers focus on their company’s mission-critical activities – all whilst saving money and improving services levels.

Our Leadership

Joe Hitchings

Sales Director/Founder

I lead a team of 35 people and am responsible for managing the executive board and driving the future success of the business. I am passionate about developing innovative new products and processes to help our customers get the very best out of their mission-critical business services.

Simon Johnson

Commercial Director

As head of financial management and human resources, I provide organisational support to help the team meet the phone, broadband and energy needs our local business community. I also focus on streamlining our processes and ensuring we comply with the latest government regulations.

Shawnee Hitchings

Operations Manager

I aim to make Think Business the best place to work for our staff, the best place to do business for our suppliers, and the best place to come for mission-critical services for our local business community. My focus is on implementing best practices and delivering a fantastic customer experience.

Discover our Business Journey

From the beginning we knew there had to be a better way. And thats why we built Think with one simple goal; to provide small businesses with great value products and exceptional customer service. Over 20 years experience in the telecoms and business services industry taught us the mistakes we needed to avoid and the best practices we needed to implement In fact, it taught us all we needed to know to make the experience of our customer the absolute best that it could be.


Think was born

  • With the financial backing of seasoned investors, Joe was able to set up and launch his family run business.

A year of growth

  • Rapid growth soon followed with over 5 ,000 customers signed up and staffing levels rising to 40 in the Earl Street Maidstone office

Time for a change

  • Next was a move to the current office location in Maidstone House and the creation of a brand new billing system

Strength to strength

  • Growth continued with expansion of the Maidstone office and an investment in new technology to better serve our customers
Enhanced services
  • It was now a perfect time to refresh the product portfolio and sharpen our focus on the needs of businesses large and small.

Our Values

At Think It Simple we live and breathe our values.


They help to unite us as a team
and empower us to deliver the mission critical business services our customers rely on, freeing them up to focus on the growth and success of their business.



We want to go far. And that means working together ; working together for each other, for our customers and for the business



Happiness is important. For us, it is born from pure intentions mutual trust and brutal honesty with customers and colleagues alike



We are hard wired to seek the very best performance in everything we do. And
that means continual improvement and constant innovation



We believe that with vision, dedication and hard work, anything is possible. So, it is our intentions that inspire change a nd drive progress.



We believe in turning insight and experience into knowledge. Powerful knowledge that we share openly for the benefi t of everyone.

Career Opportunities

We are always on the look-out for bright and enthusiastic new team members who share our values and have a passion for people and business. The Maidstone office is a supportive environment with a great atmosphere–would you fit in?

We’ll take care of your mission-critical business services, so you can focus on your business. Grow and thrive with Think Business.

Explore our Essential Business Services


Access to the internet is available in several formats from broadband to 5G. We’ll tailor a solution that suits your business needs and allows you to grow and expand your data use when you need it.


Make it easy to manage your costs and make your business operations simple with a Calls and Line package. Our business phone services can help you lower your overheads and help you respond quickly to to your customers.


The biggest reason for switching energy supplier is to get a better deal. However businesses often find themselves on ‘rollover’ or ‘evergreen’ contracts. These continuously renew but checks are not made to ensure that this is still.