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Here at Think Telecom we pride ourselves on 1st class technical support drawing upon many years of experience.

When you call in to speak to a technical agent you can be confident that we will get to the very bottom of your issue quickly and take the necessary action to get you up and running again in no time at all.

What makes us so different?

All agents at Think Telecom have been trained to Openreach standards with extensive experience on field engineering services. Our agents can quickly and confidently identify your problem by drawing upon their many years of experience.

It is an unfortunate consequence when a line fault occurs and there are many places in the Openreach network that could be the cause – in fact the fault could even be on your premises.

We have stringent 1st line checks that require the following actions to be completed to start the process which will identify the fault location.

What can you do to help us help you?

We will require you to remove the faceplate so that the engineers test socket can be accessed.

Check your telephone socket to identify the type

Plugging your telephone directly into the engineers test socket will eliminate all internal wiring, if your fault is still evident then you can be pretty confident that the fault is on the Openreach network and you will not be charged for any call out.

Please also ensure that all microfilters and leads are replaced – we request that you also try a corded phone to eliminate hardware.

What happens next?

Now that all internal checks have been done we can now run a line test using Openreach testing standards (SIN 349) which will tell us if there are any fault conditions on the Openreach network.

Whatever the outcome at this stage we will go ahead with booking you an engineer but there are a few types of fault that may get reported.

All the above faults are service impacting and will require an Openreach Engineer visit.

Here’s a recent example of fault reporting.

A customer called into Think Telecom Technical Support reporting no dial tone on their Business telephone line. They called 03300240180 (free call) and selected option 4 for Technical Support and got straight through to an agent – An Openreach line check was conducted after 1st line checks and the result identified a problem at the Telephone Exchange. This fault was reported to Openreach by our Technical Support team at 10:50am with a returned fault description of disconnection at the exchange. By 15:24 an Openreach Engineer was out on site investigating the fault restoring service by carrying out remedial works.

As soon as the Openreach Engineer cleared their job down as completed, our systems alerted us so that we could advise the customer of the works carried out and to perform a final test to ensure that service was restored.

Will you be charged for such a visit?

No, in this instance as the fault was within the Openreach network no cost was passed on to the customer. Only in very small instances do customers get charged where damage is caused by mis use but we will usually identify internal faults by carrying out first line checks as earlier discussed. The demarcation point in fault referencing is the Openreach master socket. If the fault persists in the engineers test socket then you can pretty much guarantee the fault is with Openreach.