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Yes, believe it or not your super-fast broadband may not in fact be that fast at all. Again, dependent on good old Openreach connectivity from the street-cab (PCP) to your property, you could be suffering still because of the wires in the ground (or the wires above).

FTTC is what it says on the tin, Fibre To The Cabinet. The last stretch from the cabinet to your home or business will be over copper. This is where the degradation begins.

There are other factors that cause slow speed – Wireless / Wi-Fi – Wireless interference – Electrical interference – Microfilters or Other connected users in the household.

But if all the above have been checked then you should take into consideration how far you are from your local Cabinet.

The below diagram will give you an estimate of your speed* and how the service degrades over distance.

To find out the exact location of your street cabinet I found a website which gives very accurate speed estimations.

If you find that you are not getting the speed estimated – call your provider

*speed estimations are for the fibre broadband 80/20 product. Other variations may be the cause of slow speed expectations. Other products on the market consist of 40/10 and speeds will be half of the above estimates.