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Well, the long and short of it is pretty much relating to where you live from your local telephone exchange, and of course your internal wiring but let’s assume that you only have 1 master socket in your home and all is good with your internal wiring.

I hear many times that people leave their broadband provider as they feel they aren’t getting the best speed from them. So they switch and guess what.. same speed as before. Mostly its about setting the initial expectation and to also make consumers aware that where they live is as important as the quality of the internal wiring. Unfortunately its a lottery, nobody chooses a property based on its location to their local exchange but the closer you are the faster the download speed.

I have provided an infographic which I put together with our internal graphic designer Chris Jones (a very clever person) which I feel makes the whole ‘up to’ grey area a little clearer.

For an independent view, check your details at Sam Knows –

Michael Staples, Think Telecom