Your business needs a fast and reliable internet connection. Accept nothing less than the best performing broadband for business.

Get things done faster with fibre broadband

The most recent independent data for 2017 revealed that 95% of people in the UK can benefit from “superfast broadband”. Now is the perfect time to switch to Think Telecom and we’ll hook you up with the fastest speed that is available to your premises.

  • ____
  • £26.00/mo
  • Upload Speed 78Mb
  • Download Speed 18Mb
  • Free Router
  • Business grade
  • + Line rental £13.50
  • ____

  • ____
  • £35.50/mo
  • Unlimited usage
  • Free Router
  • 24/7 support
  • Includes line rental
  • Cheaper than BT
  • + Line rental £13.50
  • ____

Prices exclude VAT and packages are subject to fair use terms and conditions. For more information see our T&Cs.

Is your broadband connection good enough?

Firstly get to understand what your business uses the internet for and what applications and websites are accessed. Dependency on the internet will continue to grow for business, so try and find out what your current usage is, talk to us about whats available and get your business better connected. Click on the + sign to find out more.


Our broadband comes completely unlimited for our business customers as standard which include speeds up to 17mb per second. Unlike other providers, Think ensures your line will remain the same when you switch over. The only thing that will change is you will no longer be billed by your old provider.


If you need something a little faster to send or receive data, fibre optic broadband can boost your download speeds up to 78Mbps per second and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps. This allows you to access business critical applications without worrying about connectivity speeds. Why not upgrade from ADSL today for FREE when you switch to Think.


Larger businesses with higher bandwidth demands should be taking advantage of a dedicated access circuit. Options are available to most businesses to install either a leased line or EFM circuit (Ethernet in the First Mile). Leased Line and EFM products offer private internet access and come with a fibre router delivered directly to your premises. These circuits allows for speeds to be delivered symmetrically, with download and uploads chosen by you. Bandwidths anywhere from 2Mbps up to a massive 10Gbps, all backed up a 99.999% availability SLA. Contact us to get a quote today

Get In Touch

To discuss an individually tailored package or for straightforward advice on switching your services to THINK TELECOM then call us on 03330 024 0180 or click the button below to request a call back.


Providing your business with the fast speeds available, free routers, hassle free switching, unlimited & unmetered data usage all backed with our brilliant customer service, we keep VALUE simple. That’s not all - if you are on older technology we’ll upgrade you to fibre broadband for free. Keep your IT choice simple.

Free Router

As you would expect from one of the UK’s leading business communications providers, our routers are free. We will do the complicated stuff and when your router arrives, simply plug it in and enjoy!

Unlimited Data

When we say its unlimited we mean it. We know that businesses need access to more online applications so with our unlimited data you get everything you need at a low cost.

Free Upgrade

If you have an ADSL connections and wish to switch to Think Telecoms Fibre broadband service, then you can upgrade to faster speeds for no additional cost.

What our customers have to say

So good I didn't know it had happened! Jackie Wilson was very helpful as was Josh Popplewell. Very happy with everything, thanks guys for all your smiling help. Here's to a long friendship.

A seamless transfer.

Adrian Parker, January 2018

Couldn’t of asked for a better promise than what these guys delivered on. Josh Promised my Business would have a seamless transfer, my bills would be halved and nothing would change. Thumbs up to these guys!!

Fantastic service!

David Lastly, February 2018

Achieved what was wanted. BT kept sending letters and calling but was finally sorted out by the legal team.

Happy to Leave BT

Sarah Douglas from Sarah Brooke Flowers February 2018

Just want to thank your team for being very efficient and being true to your word. Many thanks!

Honest service

Donna from Designer Dogs, February 2018

I have had problems with changing from BT to Think communications and I only can say that every employee was very helpful, friendly and what ever the said was done within a couple of days! Thank you very much for the great service given to me!

First class customer service!

Julia Harwardt, February 2018

Did a great job for me and my business despite being in rural Norfolk!! Great service on the technical side, and great service on the legal side as well!! Reduced my final bill from my previous supplier from £200+ to almost nothing!! Great job guys well done!!!

Saved over £200!

John Wooddissee, December 2017